About SMG

Our congregation, the Poor Servants of the Mother of God, was founded in 1872 by Venerable Magdalen of the Sacred Heart. Her influence and inspiration continue in all works carried out by the Sisters, associates, and staff throughout the world, helping us rise to the challenges and opportunities of today.

You might find the Poor Servants of the Mother of God in any of the following ministries:
bulletHealthcare and Housing, such as long-term nursing facilities or active retirement communities
bulletEducation, such as a school or retreat house
bulletPastoral ministry, focusing on ministry to those who are poor, ill, or at end-of-life
bulletThe Non-Profit sector, helping our congregation and others grow in our mission work

Regardless of the ministry, we lead our congregation to the fullness of life in Christ and humble service of the poor. We also support each other's walk with God and have fun as we grow our congregation of like-minded servants. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and answer your questions about joining us. Want to learn more? Contact us today.