What Is Involved (Becoming an Associate)

Becoming an Associate of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God involves going through a period of formation - a time of spiritual growth, mutual learning with the congregation, and community bonding. Formation usually takes two years of study and growth through regular meetings. As a candidate, you would be accompanied by one of us (an SMG Sister), or an Associate who has been mentored by one of us.

The formation program includes study of:
bulletThe nature of the Associate program
bulletThe life of Frances Taylor - Venerable Magdalen of the Sacred Heart
bulletThe history and ministries of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God
bulletThe Charism and spirituality of the SMG's
bulletThe respective places of Sisters and Associates in today's church

Once you complete the formation program, you formulate your commitment to the Poor Servants of the Mother of God during a day of reflection and discernment. You would then create four goals by which you'd hope to live out your commitment, focusing on:
bulletContinued spiritual growth
bulletYour commitment
bulletContinued bonding with the community
bulletWitnessing through ministry

During a Rite of Reception, you would make your commitment.

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