Important Feasts in the SMG's Calendar
bullet January 20, 1832
Venerable Magdalen's Birthday
bullet February 12, 1872
Venerable Magdalen's Vow Day
bullet March 19
Feast of St. Joseph
bullet March 25
Feast of the Annunciation
bullet June 9, 1900
Death of Venerable Magdalen
bullet June
Feast of the Sacred Heart
(Observed the 19th day after Pentecost)
bullet July 18, 1879
Decree of Praise from Rome
(First official approval of the congregation)
bullet July 22
Feast of St. Mary Magdalen
bullet September 24, 1869
Founding Day of the Congregation
bullet November 8, 1870
Venerable Magdalen's Clothing Day
bullet November 16, 1947
First S.M.G. Sisters arrive in U.S.A.
(Maryfield, High Point, NC)
bullet December 18
Feast of the Expectation