Religious Life Today

Taking a risk in life is often easier when you're young. That's what an increasing number of Generations X and Y discerners - women considering religious life - are realizing. Answering the call to religious life, these young women under the age of 40 are quickly seeing that they are welcome, regardless of their backgrounds. The result is a religious community full of fun, fellowship, and greater empathy for and understanding of each other. That's what you'll find here among the Poor Servants of the Mother of God.

For instance, we wear "regular" clothes. We use computers, and we love to be part of our SMG community; but we also encourage our younger Sisters to stay in touch with their peers - there are so many opportunities, including social media, gatherings in the community at large or at the homes of friends, and the like - something that is feasible these days because religious life is more open than it used to be.

As Poor Servants of the Mother of God, we:
bulletDeepen our understanding of the Incarnation though prayer, spiritual guidance, and the study of scripture and theology;
bulletDeepen our awareness of the spirit which animated Venerable Magdalen of the Sacred Heart in the early days of the Congregation, through reading and studying her writings and the history of her time; In addition, Venerable Magdalen of the Sacred Heart required that "Each year the Sisters will make a retreat, ordinarily based on the Exercises of St. Ignatius."

"The annual retreat, except in special circumstances, will be of at least six days duration. Our days of recollection and our retreats provide us with special occasions for the renewal of our dedication."

bulletShare our spirit through writing, community meetings, and the lived experience of our Sisters.

Contact us to learn more about how you could fit into daily religious life today as one of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God. We'd love to answer your questions!