What We Do

The purpose of the congregation is to lead its members to the fullness of life in Christ and to share in the service of the poor. We serve the poor in a variety of ways:
bullet We teach, heal, care for, and support those whom society neglects such as the sick, suffering, disabled and the aging - a growing population that needs our care daily.
bulletWe pray with people, sharing the Good News in terms which are meaningful to them; and
bulletWe invite the community at large to hear the Word of God, celebrate the Eucharist with us, participate in Eucharistic Adoration in our Perpetual Adoration chapel, or an interdenominational service in our main chapel at Maryfield USA.

In 1995, we held the first planning session with a goal of adding the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel to the existing ecumenical chapel at Maryfield USA. The chapel was fully funded by contributions from the various parishioners in Parishes surrounding the Triad Area.

peace chapelPeace Chapel
This Chapel, which is called the Peace Chapel, is there for those who want to spend some quiet time with the Lord.

Come away with me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while.
(Mark 6:31)

This biblical text has inspired many to set aside places, large and small, as quiet places to reflect with the Lord. Such a place you will find in the Peace Chapel.

We would like to show you our Chapel, and indeed our community. Contact us today to arrange a visit.